About Me:

My  name is Denise Hibben, I am a trained Doula, Traditional Birth Attendant, Birth Servant, and forever a student of Midwifery.

I am a mother of 5 children, two born in the hospital, one born in a birth center, one born at home, and one born by emergency c-section.


My Philosophy 


1. Birth is inherently safe. It is a natural biological function of women. More complications are caused by the unnecessary interventions that are meant to “save” women from birth, than birth itself. The safest birth of all is undisturbed, physiologic birth.

2. That mothers own birth, no one else. Not doctors, midwives, doulas, hospitals or anyone else. Just mothers.

3.  Pregnancy and Birth affect who we are. How we are born, the way our mothers were treated during pregnancy and birth, and how we, ourselves  were handled and treated as newborns really affects how we view the ourselves, our families, the people we come into contact with, and the very world that we live in. The proof is in the evidence.

4.   Every woman has the right to choose where, how and with whom they birth their babies. I believe that EVERY family has the right to choose how they greet their baby, regardless of  where they choose to birth.

5. The Pregnant woman is the only direct care provider to her unborn baby, and she has a responsibility to herself and to her baby to educate herself on pregnancy and birth, giving herself and her baby the best start possible. Doctors, midwives and doulas are simply paid consultants hired by the mother and her partner to be part of her birth team.

6.  Breastfeeding is the Ideal nutrition for the newborn baby, and that breastfeeding should be kept up for two years or longer, if possible,  to ensure a healthy baby, a healthy child, and a healthy mother.



  • Studying pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period, on my own since 2005.
  • Earned my prenatal, birth and postpartum doula certification with Intuitive Doula Training Course in October 2008, after nearly two years of study and hands- on experience. At this point in my service I have served 8 mothers as their doula.
  • Apprenticed with a local Certified Direct-Entry Midwife at home births from January 2009 to July 2009
  • Apprenticed with a local Certified Direct-Entry Midwife in a  Birth Center from August 2009 to November 2009.
  • Studied with Via Vita from 2009-2010, until I chose to switch to a more challenging course of academic study.
  • Midwifery Student with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute Since 2010
  • Attended Midwives Association of Alaska Conference in August 31st- September 1st 2011
  • Attended and passed Neonatal Resuscitation training: November 26th, 2011
  • Attended Trust Birth Conference in Nashville Tennessee, April 13th – 15th 2012
  • Enrolled in Oxytocin Intensive Study Module through Ancient Art Midwifery Institute.
  • Will be recertifying in CPR for the Professional Rescuer soon. Stay tuned for updates!



I have attended all types of births, including natural and unmedicated,  c-section,  vbac (vaginal birth after c-section) and both in- and out-of-hospital births.  I support and educate pregnant women and their families in their choices regarding birth, no matter where or with whom they choose to birth.

I look forward to getting to know you and your family and helping you to achieve the birth you hope for

This is me, pregnant with Baby #5. Photograph by The Birth Photographer, copyright 2010


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