Molly and Chris-

"My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Denise as our doula.  She not only is organized and knowledgeable about the overall birth process, but she is very kind and offered outstanding support. Denise met with us several times before the birth of our son. In these meetings she provided specific information on labor, breast feeding, overall care of a newborn, and answered any other questions that we had. During all meetings she provided additional information for us in the form of articles and videos. I felt very confident and at peace with Denise because she has four children herself and also is an excellent listener. My husband and I had planned to have a natural birth, and Denise was a major factor in making this amazing experience possible for us. When I was in labor, she was right by my side the whole time. She could see where I was holding tension in my body and coached me in body awareness and breathing techniques to help me focus through each contraction. Denise also gave me a foot massage and provided positive encouragement throughout the whole birth process.  She suggested different labor positions that were very helpful. I felt very peaceful having Denise with me during labor. Not only was she a great coach, but she provided wonderful emotional support as well. After our son was born, Denise was with us to make sure that our new family was doing well and ready to make the transition to the recovery room.  In addition, Denise also visited us a day later in the hospital and again at our house after we came home.  I strongly recommend Denise as a doula, she is an incredible person with a huge heart that loves her work."

"With Denise in the room I was empowered by her gentle compassion. Her energy is soft, flowing, calm, and respectful, which allowed me the freedom to completely focus on my baby and my body. When help was needed, it was a relief to draw from her wellspring of knowledge. It is a strong assurance to know that she puts her life into researching birth medically, emotionally, and spiritually, and yet with all the knowledge and facts she has in her tool kit, she still trusts Birth as a natural process, different for everyone. As she honors each mother individually, I can also say her presence was an honor to our birth."
Love & Light,


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